Catalonia, fourth in world ranking for average citations of papers published in Nature and Science

A note published on November 15th by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans Research Observatory (OI-IEC) presents a bibliometric analysis on the geographical origin of papers published in Nature and Science during the period 2001-2012 to evaluate the impact of the Catalan scientific activity in these two leading journals. One of the main reported conclusions is that the research papers from Catalan institutions in Nature and Science are, in terms of average citations, ranked fourth among those published from all countries in the world.

This study goes beyond the one we commented in this blog on October 27th that reported on the relationship between published papers and country population. It shows that research made in Catalonia is not only quantitatively relevant but its impact places us among the leading countries in worldwide scientific advancements.

Jordi Font (Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC)


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