Warming up the engines for the YES campaign

The referendum law was officially presented by the government yesterday. The law specifies, among other things, how the campaign will be carried out. The political formations with representation in the Parliament of Catalonia will have the right to use 70% of public spaces and free information spaces in the public media allocated to the campaign. The remaining 30% will be distributed among the accredited interested organizations, according to the number of signatures presented. ANC will surely campaign for the YES, and our sectorial can contribute decisively to this campaign, as we can reach a large group of people from the University field (including students, PAS and PDI) and the research centers.
For this reason, we appeal to all of you to help us as far as possible in the different tasks that we will have to carry out until the end of this year: events, distribution of flyers, stands, mass mobilization in decisive calls, contributions to our blog or other activities.
We have reached a crucial moment to achieve the objective we have set ourselves. We encourage everybody to collaborate!

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