Investment in R & D provides profits in the catalan food sector

Agromillora Iberia S.L. is a Catalan company based in Subirats (Alt Penedès) since 1986 is engaged in the production and marketing of high genetic quality of nursery plants. Today is considered the largest nursery in the world. The company market rootstock and grafted plants, and creates varieties especially designed for mechanized harvesting.

Since 1997, the company has invested heavily in R & D, establishing a fully equipped research center in Monistrol d’Anoia with the latest technological advances in the agriculture and food sector.

In 2012 it achieved sales of 28 million euros, with an annual growth of 15% in the past two years, thanks to international expansion and the creation of five laboratories for plant multiplication (Spain, USA, Turkey, Brazil and Chile).

The conference ‘Claiming entrepreneurial potential’ recently organized by the Consortium of the Zona Franca de Barcelona, the President of the company explained that the goal is to increase production and stop relying on subsidies because “the subsidized agriculture has no future” but it is essential to change the mentality and the way we do today.

Companies like this show the excellent results and the applicability of investments in R & D, as well as the continuing validity of the mentality that has always been known as the catalan businessman. The food industry is no exception

Elena Escubedo (Universitat de Barcelona)


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