Photoactivated drugs

The European Research Council has granted an innovative research in the health area led by Pau Gorostiza of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia. One of the main goals of current therapy is to reduce the side effects of drugs, especially to prevent the treatments led to an organ or body part can harm the rest of the body.

In recent years, several strategies have been developed to try to refine drug targets. It is konwn as drug selectivity. One of the most innovative concepts in this field is the field of “opto-pharmacology” or molecules regulated by light (photoactivated drugs), i.e. substances that are activated and begin to function as drugs in a certain area of the body when they receive an external light source.

With the light researchers can control where the drug is active and for how long, although the drug would always remain within the body.

Elena Escubedo (Universitat de Barcelona)


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