Barcelona is attractive for major scientific conferences

In recent years Barcelona has become an even more attractive destination to organize a conference. It is the fifth city in the world in terms of number of international congresses held, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Almost half of them were medical or scientific conferences. Recent examples are the congress of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), which last week brought about 20,000 diabetes specialists to Barcelona, or the European Respiratory Society Annual Meeting, which crowded the city with pulmonologists during the first half of September.

The list does not stop here, the World AIDS Vaccine Congress will begin on October 7th with over 1,000 specialists. Each of these conferences represents international prestige, the arrival of visitors to the city and the opportunity for the Catalan research groups to establish relationships with foreigner experts. It is another way to project seriousness and reliability to the world from Catalonia. It is therefore important to continue working in this direction ensuring that the major conferences have a good reception in the city.

The high number of conferences is possible, in part, thanks to the many attractions of the city. However, much of the credit lies in the scientific leadership of the Catalan research groups in a wide range of disciplines. Catalonia is strong in many fields of research and innovation, and this attracts the attention of many international organizations that hold their conferences with the participation of local specialists.

Àlex Argemí (IDIBAPS)


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