TV3 Telethon 2013: Solidarity does not degenerate

On Thursday 31 October started the social dissemination campaign of the 2013 Telethon (La Marató de TV3, organized by the public Catalan TV) devoted to neurodegenerative diseases. Under the slogan “Solidarity does not degenerate” this celebration of solidarity will work to raise awareness and funds to combat a type of disease which affects half of the population over 80 years.

In its 21 year history, the TV3 Telethon has showed the best of Catalan society. In total, 119 million € have been raised to support research developed in Catalonia. The public involvement has grown every year in terms of solidarity, both through donations and dissemination activities. Last year organizations and associations around the country organized 2,200 events spontaneously, a figure that increased 4 times the number of activities around 2004 Telethon.

Neurodegenerative diseases are serious and chronic, disabling and with a strong impact on the patients’ family and society. As explained during the presentation of the new Telethon, not all of these diseases affect elderly people. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are closely related to aging, while multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and muscular atrophy affect young people, and the latter, especially children.

Marató 2013Mrató TV3 logol

Àlex Argemí (IDIBAPS)


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