Reflections on the Science Week

Next Friday, November 15th, the activities of the Science Week will begin. The main topics this year are statistics, water and Einstein. These topics were chosen because on 2013 we celebrate the International Year of Statistics, the International Year of Co-operation in the sphere of water and the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the visit of Albert Einstein to Catalonia. During the Science Week, coordinated by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, a number of scientific activities will be held across our territory, such as open days, exhibitions, lectures, games and science workshops.

The aim of this initiative should be an objective of every scientist: to bring science closer to society, and especially to children and youth, to encourage future careers in science. A good example of how to achieve this is the “Science & Society” programme of the Centre for Genomic Regulation, one of the excellence centers of our research system. This programme brings together various science outreach and communication activities, all of them free.  As explained on its website, scientific literacy should be boosted particularly by those who generate that knowledge.

Similarly, it is necessary to communicate that science, even basic science, is key to obtain high standards of welfare through promoting economic and social development. And the challenge is to emphasize that, despite the current high level of scientific excellence, Catalonia lacks the freedom to move forward with the appropriate decisions on scientific policy. As we expressed in our manifesto, written almost a year ago, Catalonia’s independence is a unique opportunity to get a better funded research system, more efficient and competitive than the current one. Time to work! Everything depends on us.

Marta Alegret (Universitat de Barcelona)


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