The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) sectorial Universities and Research for the Independence of the National National Assembly (ANC) comes from the merging of the Sectorials Universities and Research, with the aim of jointly and more efficiently addressing the final phase to the construction of the Catalan Republic. Through this blog we want to promote the debate on the role of the University, science and innovation in the present and the future of our country.

Manifesto of the “National Catalan Assembly” on Research

The “National Catalan Assembly” section on “Research for Independence”, which gathers people working in the sphere of research (researchers, administrators, technicians and graduate students) aiming to favor the transition towards the independence of Catalonia, expresses that:

  1.  We acknowledge the high level accomplished by the research system in Catalonia during the last years. Scientific productivity in Catalonia is 1% of the world scientific productivity, despite its population is only 1 per thousand of the world population, and accounts for over 25% of the Spanish scientific outcome. As an example of the excellence research carried out in our country, Catalonia gathers about 2/3 of projects funded to Spain-based scientists by the European Research Council.
  2. Regardless this high level of scientific excellence, Catalonia lacks the freedom to move forward with the appropriate decisions on scientific policy, jeopardizing its full potential capacity to contribute to scientific knowledge and technological advances. As an example, the percentage of the GNP allocated to Science in Spain is well below the European Union’s average and several times lower than those of the world’s Science leading nations.
  3. We believe in the importance of communicating, to all sectors of the Catalan society and population, the necessity of developing a research system better funded and more efficient and competitive than the current one, a system that will result in higher standards of welfare for the Catalans through promoting economic and social development. The future of the new Catalan country will benefit from the national structures that grant the capacity to take decisions on scientific policy.The achievement of an independent Catalan country is a unique opportunity, not only to consolidate the current excellence in research but also to become one of the leading countries in scientific and technological development.
  4. Despite these considerations there may be concerns on what will the status of the Catalan research system be within a new independent country, especially due to the uncertainties during the transition steps. Therefore, one of our objectives is to foresee the potential scenarios that may appear within the new independent country and to contribute with viable solutions to the possible challenges that may appear. Nevertheless, we believe that remaining within Spain will certainly raise further major concerns and uncertainties.
  5. As the community of scientists working in Catalonia, we will lobby to put Science and Technology as strategic issues in the forthcoming new country, together with high standards for Healthcare and Education. The quality of research is a key factor for Catalans to contribute to global progress and in order to secure that our youth get the best possible education and may fully develop their talents. Therefore, Research should not be an issue of political discussion, but one that has the appropriate structures and funding for the future contribution of the new country to Catalans themselves and humankind.

Therefore, and taking into account that we live in a scientific and technological XXI century society, we aim that all those people in the Science sector will adhere to this manifest and participate in this key moment for the history of Catalonia: the construction of a new country.

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